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One of the biggest concerns our customers have is wondering if we can find the problem and fix it make their HVAC work as it's designed to. At Glacier, we understand that things can only be repaired correctly if the issue is diagnosed correctly--and that's our speciality. Diagnostics is key to repairing your HVAC system and keeping it running safely and efficiently on the coldest and hottest days of the year. Rest easy, we'll diagnose the issue properly and find the best solution to get things up and running in no time. And you can count on that.

Meet Joe.

Joe Bielefield, Owner

How did an Eagle Scout become an expert at diagnosing HVAC systems? That’s easy. I can say with confidence that I apply to my business everything I learned as an Eagle Scout—starting with the creed the serves as the blueprint to my life and my business. If you ask me — they’re great principles to live by: trustworthy, loyal, reverent, courteous, clean, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, and brave.  


It takes work (sometimes more work) to do things right, but "right is right" as they say. My grandfather also played a big role in forming my work ethic. He was a man of great integrity. He was forthright, kind, and took the time to teach me how to operate in the world. 

As a boy, you could say I was mechanically inclined. I had a penchant for fixing things and learning how things worked. From computers to architecture, carpentry to electrical engineering — I took any opportunity I could to roll up my sleeves and master my trade. After graduation, I studied an additional two years and earned my certification and license in my specialty — diagnostics and repair. I then worked as an apprentice for a decade under some of the best the industry has to offer. I owe a lot to my mentors—even those I wouldn’t exactly write home about. Ironically, the tougher they were, the more I learned. They had high standards, and because of them, I do too and became the tradesman I am today.


I created Glacier Mechanical Services with the intention of providing service my customers can trust, and solutions they can depend on. Today I still live in the town where I grew up in the northwest corner of Connecticut, now. with my amazing wife and daughter who bring me more love and support than I deserve. I hope to have the opportunity to serve you and your family too – keeping them warm in the cooler months and cool in the warmer months.


I look forward to meeting you soon.


Amy Cacace

I can't say enough good things about my experience installing our new air conditioning system with Glacier Mechanical Services. From start to finish, Joe and his team were responsive, professional, prepared, and did quality work, while being respectful towards my home. From his quote through installation, they answered all of my questions and worked with me to make sure I got everything. I will continue to have Glacier service my new system in the years to come. Without hesitation I recommend Glacier to anyone in need of a new HVAC system or repair.


  • Our Expertise
    Diagnosing problems accurately is our secret weapon, and the key to providing our customers with the right solutions. Once we understand what the underlying issues are, we provide appropriate options that best address them. At Glacier, we're dedicated to remedying issues critical to your safety and comfort. Routine maintenance can save you money on premature replacement, energy and headaches in the long run. We'll tailor our HVAC maintenance services to your needs in order to optimize your heating and cooling system and keep it running safely and efficiently year-round.
  • Common Issues
    Delaying necessary repairs could cause bigger issues down the road--from poor air quality and the spread of germs to total breakdown and costly repairs when your machine is running around the clock on hotter and colder days. If you're experiencing issues, give us a call. Common Cooling Issues: Broken thermostat Low coolant Broken blower motor Frozen evaporator coil Drainage issues Common Heating Issues: Broken thermostat Cracked heat exchanger Dirty or clogged filter Frayed blower belt limit-switch malfunction
  • Troubleshooting
    No heat / Not enough heat Troubleshooting the root cause of a no heat or lack of heating issue is important to ensuring repairs are accurate and necessary. Instead of just replacing parts, discovering the real issues for part failure or lack of heating can help us create both a system that operates at peak performance for every heating cycle and is reliable for years to come. No cooling / Not enough cooling Troubleshooting the root cause of a no cooling or lack of cooling issue is important to ensuring repairs are accurate and necessary. Instead of just replacing parts, discovering the real issues for part failure or lack of cooling can help us create both a system that operates at peak performance for every cooling cycle and is reliable for years to come. Lack of airflow · Correcting an air flow issue is important to ensuring each space is heating and cooling properly. We need to ensure that all spaces have the proper air supply and return to efficiently heat, cool, dehumidify and humidify a space. The ultimate comfort of a space's temperature and humidity comes down to proper air flow throughout. Broken / Inaccurate thermostat A thermostat that is not reading the correct temperature or randomly not turning on or off can cause a multitude of problems. The largest problems are wasting fuel and energy, to hot or cold space temperatures and unreliability in your hvac system. Correcting thermostat issues is the first step to ensuring your hvac system is operating properly, efficiently, and reliably. Low refrigerant Diagnosing a low refrigerant problem accurately can be the difference between your evaporator coil freezing up and wasting money on a cooling system that doesn’t cool or dehumidify a space and a comfortable home on the hottest days of the year.
  • Heat Pump Repair, Service, Installation
    Installation Installation of a heat pump can offset and sometimes completely replace the use of fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Heat pump systems most times can reuse existing ductwork in a home to help alleviate the cost of installation. These systems are extremely energy efficient and safe to use year-round. Service Proper diagnostics of a heat pump system will help to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and increase the peak performance of the heat pump. We can ensure the system is fully utilizing heat pump before ever turning on fossil fuel or electric back up heat. We can diagnose and test components to help forecast any potential failures before they occur and prevent unwanted and unnecessary breakdowns of the heat pump.
  • Gas/Oil Furnace Repair, Service, Installation
    Installation Gas and oil furnaces are the most well-known way to heat a home. The biggest benefit to a gas or oil furnace is the ability to add air conditioning to a house without a major expense. These systems give us the most ability to adjust how much heat goes into a space and easily make changes as the years go on and the home changes. Service Accurately diagnosing a gas or oil furnace will keep your heating system running on the coldest days of the year. We can troubleshoot any gas or oil furnace with the utmost confidence to give you peace of mind that the problems have been resolved the first time accurately. Annual maintenance on these systems helps us to predict and prevent most breakdowns so you are never without heat.
  • Gas/Oil Boiler Repair, Service, Installation
    Installation Gas and oil boilers are a hydronic system that heat a house using either steam or hot water. The installation of a gas or oil boiler is important to heating a house. Understanding the nuances of steam and hot water systems and how they need to be piped is extremely important to a house maintaining temperature all winter long. Service Understanding hydronics and how gas and oil can use water to heat a home is key to having a quiet and efficient heating system. Gas and oil are the most well-known and trusted heating systems in the world. Having the knowledge to accurately troubleshoot and repair these systems efficiently the first time is the answer to maintaining that trust and reliability that everyone has come to know.
  • Oil Tank Repair, Service, Installation
    As oil tanks age they become prone to leaks and an excess of sludge build up in the bottom of the tank. Replacing an older oil tank can lessen the need for more frequent filter changes and help a system run more efficient by not trying to burn off the sludge that gets pulled through an oil line.
  • Air Conditioning Repair, Service, Installation
    Installation The installation of a standard air conditioning system with new ductwork to every space in a home gives us the ability to cool and dehumidify a house on the hottest days of the year. No more window air conditioners scratching your windows and heavy lifting in and out every year. A central air conditioner will cool one floor or an entire home efficiently. Service & Repair Understanding the relationship between air flow and refrigerant allows us to keep your system cooling efficiently anytime you turn it on. Proper servicing of your air conditioning system will keep your home cool during the dog days of summer. Having Glacier service your air conditioner will make troubleshooting and repairs faster, easier, and more affordable.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF) Repair, Service, Installation
    A VRF system is a heat pump system that is designed with inverter technology to be extremely energy efficient with the ability to heat or cool a home or an entire commercial building. The biggest benefit to a VRF system is the ability for different zones to simultaneously heat and cool. One bedroom can be in cooling mode while the living room is in heating mode. The other huge benefit is the different unit options. For example, we can install multiple ductless wall units in parts of the home and use ducted or ceiling mounted units in other areas. The possibilities are endless with VRF systems.
  • Our UVC Light Repair, Service, Installation
    UV lights help to kill bacteria in the air. When we install UV light in the ductwork of your home, it will eliminate 99% of the pathogens it encounters—resulting in healthier air throughout your home.
  • Ductless HVAC Repair, Service, Installation
    Ductless heat pumps are a great option for heating and cooling a space that installing ductwork in is just not an option. Typically, cheaper than a fully ducted system, a ductless heat pump system can provide separate zoning to every room in the house while offering the most energy efficient systems on the market. We can also efficiently heat a home on the coldest days of the year. The other huge benefit is the different unit options. For example, we can install multiple ductless wall units in parts of the home and use ducted or ceiling mounted units in other areas.
  • Year-Round Maintenance Program
    Having your heating and cooling system properly maintained and cleaned annually is the best way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round. Annual maintenance greatly reduces unnecessary and unwanted breakdowns and costly emergency repairs. Also maintaining your equipment every year keeps it at performing at its best and gives you peace of mind that after a long days work you can walk into your house and not worry if it will be hot or cold.

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Heating, cooling and diagnostic services throughout Litchfield, Hartford, Fairfield and Berkshire counties. Service you can trust, solutions you can depend on.
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